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There have been some huge changes in life this week, for me. 

Therefore, my focus for the week has been to try my best to show compassion to EVERYONE, including myself.
If we make a habit of practicing compassion to all living things, including those that have hurt us, those we don’t know, ourselves and literarally every being that comes into our contact then can we really have enemies?! 
It is really difficult to show compassion sometimes and that is where practice comes into it. 
I have found myself constantly checking my thoughts, taking a deep breath and realigning my attitude to reflect the compassionate one that I wish to possess. 
It is even harder to be your own compassionate voice, inside your own mind, soothing and forgiving yourself for any mistakes and trying to let them go.
However, imagine a world where everyone practiced compassion. A world where we were all kind, respectful and gentle to one another AND to ourselves! 
Change starts within all of us. 
If you have one focus today, why not make it to practice compassion. Just a thought! 


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