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New Beginnings!

Easter time signals new beginnings, for many reasons, across different faiths and beliefs.


Not only is Easter in spring, when there is an abundance of new life all around, but it is also the time that Jesus Christ worked his greatest miracle by rising from the dead.


Easter is about overcoming and rising above the darkness, oppression and despair.  It is about the culture of life and love.


A time of celebrating and appreciating the gift of starting over. It gives us the power to overcome the culture of death with its many sad faces and terrible expressions.


It is very apt, therefore, that today is the last working day in my current employment.


Today I finish work, the day before Good Friday, and have 4 full days to myself before starting my new role at a new company.


Also this week, in a heart-breaking turn of events, has been the week that my relationship with my partner has come to an end.


So, over the next four days I will be taking the time to fully absorb myself with the notion of starting fresh on a new path, that life has put me on.


Newly single in the world, with a new work opportunity just about to start.


I have been presented with a new chance to start fresh… and I am going to take it.  


This week might have been the end of two significant things in my life, but I am going to ensure that I spend this weekend clearing out all of the old and making room for all the new that is sure to come in it’s place.


To New Beginnings & To Fresh Starts!


Happy Easter Weekend!


B x




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