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Healthy from the Inside-Out

As part of my wellbeing-journey I have decided that it is important not just to focus on my mind/outlook/mental health, as well as my physical fitness, but also take some time to focus on my nutritional consumption (feel good from the inside out, right?!).


So, I am absolutely no angel when it comes to diet(!).. in fact, I am far far from it!


I have an emotional relationship with food, which stems from my childhood.


When something good happened, like a birthday or anniversary, my family would celebrate by going out for meals, or my mum would buy us a takeaway/treat.


When something bad happened then my mum would ‘sooth’ the pain by cooking me a big comforting meal, or fetch sweets.


This connection with food has stayed with me through to adulthood and so now whatever happens, good or bad, I eat!


I love food!

The more comforting the better!

However, comforting doesn’t always equal food that is healthy or good for us (sigh!).


Good news – One of my daily staples is shot of pure aloe vera gel (I take a brand called Forever Living, as it is the best quality and is ethically produced). I have been taking a 60ml shot of aloe every morning (where I can) for about 6 months now and have seen a few benefits, such as less bloating and better digestion and my hair has grown like CRAZY!


Other good news – Another fave of mine is a vitamin c effervescent tablet each morning, for that burst of energy and a little boost for the immune system.


Progress – Last night I took the healthier eating by the proverbial horns and purchased a nutrient blender (£9.99 from Aldi, which has an absolute steal and they are still available for anyone interested!) and this morning I whipped up my first veggie juice.


Today’s first attempt at creating a healthy morning juice contained carrot, ginger, spinach, lemon, water and cucumber and it was actually surprisingly good!


So, I would love to hear what everyone’s go-to, feel-good, tasty juice is… I know a lot of people juice daily and I am late to this party, so I bet you all have some tips for me!


Happy Juicing!


B x


Today’s Juice Benefit:

Carrot – Vitamin A, C, K, B8, potassium iron

Ginger – Great at reducing muscle soreness, anti-inflammatory, vitamin A, B6, magnesium

Spinach – Vitamin K, A, B2, B6, iron

Cucumber – Protect brain health, reduce risk of cancer, anti-inflammatory


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