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Not Everything You Write Has To Be Published.

This is my first attempt at becoming ‘a blogger’, which I think is probably quite evident by the clear novice-like nature of my ramblings. I am not even sure what it is that ‘a blogger’ is, at this point.

I have never really written anything, except than more than a few social media rants that have not exactly done much for my ‘popularity.’ Hmmm.

So, whilst poking around WordPress looking to pick up some tips, inspiration, direction to indicate what the heck it is I actually am supposed to be doing on here, I found a blog about.. well, blogging!

There was one line in the whole of the article (can I call it an ‘article’ or have I just aged a number of decades?!) that stood out to me:

“Not everything you write has to be published”

It was like the words just jumped off the screen and slapped me in the face, like a moment of unrivalled clarity which posed one massive question to me.. ‘why do we want to ‘blog’?’, why are we all so desperate to be heard, or is it a case that we want to find someone to listen who understands?

Over the next few days I am going to be pondering and researching the things that drive people to use these sites, such as WordPress/Tumblr etc. as a platform to express themselves, but also to do some self-searching/questioning. Why am I here and what am I actually even doing?

It would be great to have some input/to hear other people’s thoughts on this, so feel free to tell me why you’re here..

B x


7 thoughts on “Not Everything You Write Has To Be Published.”

  1. Yay- Well done for starting your new blog and I wish you every success! For me it felt a bit ‘hard going’ at first, putting loads of effort into writing posts with very few views.. then the momentum starts to build and it becomes easier and more natural.. Keep going! Good luck and have fun along the ‘blogging journey’ meeting lots of great people! x

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    1. What an absolutely lovely comment! Thank you! I’m really enjoying my blogging journey, so far. I definitely have a similar style to you.. quite freeflowing and just writing about things that come my way. Thanks again! 🙂 x

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