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A Change of Career in My Thirties..

Firstly, how did I even get to my thirties so quickly?! It’s
like I got to 25, blinked, and BAM I’m 32 year old.. Christ On An Actual Bike!

Secondly, I am actually quite proud of my career so far.
Why, then, do I want a change?

I worked EXTREMELY hard for 3 years to become a
fellow of the Associate of Accounting Technicians and then I went on to do 4 yearlong
slog at weekends to become a Global Chartered Management Accountant. All of
this was AFTER high school and A-Levels. I trained, studied, worked multiple
jobs at once on trainee wages, sacrificed evenings and weekends, cried quite a
bit, struggled emotionally with the stress, was absolutely SHATTERED… and
finally I qualified! Not only that, but I am now in a well-paid and
professional ‘high flying’ job. I am proud of myself and my achievements. So,
why change now?

For 15 years I have poured all my efforts into becoming the
best I can, in the Finance industry. I focused on qualifying to become
Chartered, becoming a manager, being recognised as accomplished in my
industry.. ESPECIALLY as a young(ish) girl in a male dominated sector.. I had a
point to prove!.. and now I have proved it! I have been successful in all I set
out to do and I have smashed my salary goals way out of the park..  so, I guess, now I want to do something ‘for

Ever feel like a square peg, in a round hole? I’ve never
been a ‘finance-type’ – or so I have been told, countless times throughout my
life. I was the ‘creative one’ in school, I was the ‘party-girl’ in my early
twenties, I was the ‘wild-one’, the ‘loud one’, the ‘feisty one’, the ‘sociable
one’ .. no-one ever had me down for a ‘serious’ profession, which is probably
what drove me most. I wanted to prove to everyone that I was more than the
things they portrayed me as, much more. I was smart, ‘switched-on’, mature,
confident, intelligent, a leader, a mentor, a problem-solver.. I wanted to show
my worth, probably to myself most of all.

Finance isn’t my passion. It’s not what I read about in my
own time. It isn’t what I think most about. I don’t get excited over stocks and
shares, or new tax or IFRS guidelines.. It couldn’t be further from who I am. I
am not the ‘party-girl’ either, or any of the other things, and I never was. I
turned to escapism to drown out my problems/life/unhappiness when I was young…
it didn’t define me, it just showed me in a fake light to the people I placed
myself with (who were definitely not my tribe, either!).

Through holistic practices, complimentary therapies, exercise
and self-investment I have finally got to a point in my life where I am
comfortable in my skin. I need work, I am not perfect, but that’s fine. I am
happy with my progress and through developing myself I have realised my true
interests lie in the tools I have used to guide me to realise the beginnings of
my true self.. and that is why I want to change my career.. to start fresh, as

It’s not a ‘new chapter’, it’s the next part of the novel. I
want to make it worth reading.

B x


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