chakra, energy, reiki

Reiki, Chakras.. stuff..

Here’s a bit of a short one
about Reiki, Chakras, Crystal Healing & Human Energy Fields.. it’s not very indepth, but I don’t want to bore you all to sleep..


I have
personally been receiving a treatment called ‘Reiki’ from a friend of mine,
Dawn, for the past few months and as a result have become very interested in
learning more about the topic.

The word ‘Reiki’ is of Japanese origin and literally translates as ‘universal life

The practice
of Reiki works on the principle that the Reiki Master (which is the name given
to a person fully trained in the practice of Reiki) channels energy into the
client, by means of touch. The aim of the treatment is to help restore and aid
mental, emotional and physical well-being (kinda by cleansing the negative
energies out of the body, to help your Chakras rotate better – ‘Chakras’ is
something I will write about at a later date, for anyone interested).

Reiki (so-far,
as I believe) has helped me to feel more grounded in my daily life and over the
months I have definitely started to notice slight subtle differences in my
outlook and reactions to situations, which I am certainly attributing to my
receiving of the treatment.

Two pieces of
literature that I have recently invested in have been A Beginner’s Guide to the
Chakras and Crystal Healing & The Human Energy Field A Beginners Guide,
both by Mrs Marion McGeough.

These two
books are very short and concise, yet still informative. They provide a very
brief overview of Chakras, Crystal Healing and energy fields and I would
recommend them to anyone who would like a taste of the understanding in these

purchasing these I have gone on to purchase a number of crystals to being
working with, the one I am currently most drawn to is the Mookaite. There are a
couple of exercises in both of the books by McGeough that I have yet to
complete.. so I will report back, once I have done this! Watch this energy space..

B x


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