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Who Am I?!

[Insert Profound Deep and Meaningful Content Here] But, seriously..

I’m 32, nearly 33.. I don’t look it, or at least I don’t think I do, so that’s some consolation – right(?).

I don’t own a house (I have rented for 14 years now), or have children. I own my car, but from the great big checklist of material bullshit (that we are pushed into having to ‘own’ before we are deemed successful) I have the career and a little eco friendly 1 litre engine sized car, which I could beat in a race up a hill and that I am rather fond of driving into walls – I am not exactly ‘winning.’

OK, OK, so I am not exactly failing either.. but who defined these things? Who even am I?

I am a Global Chartered Accountant, apparently. Fancy. I work in Finance and have done for 15 years. Must be determined. I slaved away studying, in the evenings and at weekends, to become a Financial Controller. Sounds respectful. Sounds boring. I hate it.

So, here I go.. I’m breaking free. I am pursuing something I love.. “Wellbeing Betty”, coming through… watch out world, etc.

B x


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